The molasses

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Its sweet taste brings sweet memories from the a different era.

It is a valuable natural product, rich in energy, natural antioxidants, traces and natural grape sugars.


Up to some years back, it was being used as a dietary supplement as well as medicine. Today it is suitable for several traditional uses, such as:

- pudding and biscuits, instead of must (1 part molasses and 2-3 parts water),

- pastries, donuts and muffins, instead of sugar (1:1),

- syrup on ice cream, sweetener in yogurt, etc.


Nowadays it is also being used in modern gourmet dishes with meats, fish and vegetables, sauces and dressing.

At Aggelakopoulos Estate we create molasses according to the traditional method of condensing must from the exceptional and mature Roditis grapes, collected from our vineyards.