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The extra virgin olive oil "Eleofillo"


Olive trees being more than 100 years years old, produce olive oil, renowned for its excellent quality, aromatic richness and flavor character. It is a product of natural cold pressing, has golden color and delicate yet intensely fruity aroma of the freshly -selected olives, balanced flavor and low acidity (oleic acid at bottling) less than 0.30%.


The sweet, balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

It is a product of must, selected from Roditis and black currants, and aged for 3 years in oak barrels to acquire the sweet taste of balsamic vinegar. The Balsamic vinegar Aggelakopoulos has won a distinction in GOURMET 2008-2009 AWARDS, Sunday Eleftherotypia Press.


Τα κρασιά μας MEDINEO White and MEDINEO Red


MEDINEO White is created by variety Roditis and is a product of Appellation of Superior Quality (OPAP Patras). MEDINEO Red is the result of a mixture of superior quality varieties Merlot και Cabernet Sauvignon and it has been awarded in France.


The molasses



A sweet taste from the past, with flavors of Roditis grape and black currants.



The traditional vinegar

Traditional vinegar


Produced from wine, it acquired a severe but also the rich flavor of the oak barrels inside where it matures.