The area and the groves

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“And that place … oleaginous”


Since antiquity, the Peloponnese has excelled in in the cultivation of the olives. 

Here on the complete green slopes of Aigialia, just a few miles away from the main town of Egio, and above the village of Koumari, close to the Meganitis river, we feel that we are in fact continuing this tradition.

Our acres’ history dates back to 1920. Our family has been traditionally cultivating olive trees for over 4 generations, working with respect and love, and today the Aggelakopoulos Estate owns 100 acres of groves, including trees being over a century old.

Two of the best Greek varieties, "Patrini" and "Koroneiki", have been selected for these trees olive trees.

The Aggelakopoulos Estate also includes 100 acres of currants and vines, for the production of the famous Corinthian raisin.

The region is often referred as “Greek Tuscany ", thanks to the numerous slopes of olive trees and vineyards..

Right here, looking at the majestic view of the Korianthiac gulf and on the background the despotic mountains of Sterea Ellada, more just a means to an end. It’s our way of life.