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It was first in 1890, when my great grandfather Dimitrios Aggelakopoulos bought his first land here on the slopes of Aigialeia, at the village of Koumari in Egio, in northern Peloponnese. He has created his first land of raisins, during the local golden era of manufacturing and exporting currants. Following him, my grandfather, holding the same name as I, Sotiris Aggelakopoulos, continued the development of these estates until 1950.

It was then, that my father Dimitris Aggelakopoulou has started his own efforts towards expanding the property and converting part of the grove to olive trees by planting two of the best Greek varieties, «Patras» και «Koroneiki».

Coming today I, Sotiris Aggelakopoulos, am now responsible for the continuation of this family tradition. In 1995 I chose to work with the land of my ancestors instead of vague studies.

Ten years later, in 2005, I have started re-designing this land with reconstruction, modernization, expansion of facilities and equipment, as well as standardization and bottling products.

At the same time however, I have also started an effort to revive other traditional products coming from this land: traditional vinegar, balsamic vinegar, molasses and wine. The effort is big and demanding, but my joy and pride are even bigger, knowing that I can offer a series of local, traditional products:

Many of our products have already received awards at various international expositions and competitions.

Today, this old, big land holding a history of 120 years, consists of 200 acres around the villages Koumari and Hatzi, near Egio. These are filled with olive groves, raisins and vines.

The area, the soil and the climatic conditions are suitable for theproduction of olive oil, currants and excellent wines.

Through my love for this place and its products I am trying to bottle the taste, the sun and the four generations Aggelakopoulos Estate’s art.


Sotiris Aggelakopoulos 

Sotiris Aggelakopoulos